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Choose your class. Select your destination. Experience the thrill of diverse workout methods and embark on a journey of self-improvement. 

Manage your groups with Wingbo 

Experience a variety of workouts through Wingbo

World's First Multi-Training Machine Of Board-Type

Winbo is not an image of conventional heavy exercise, but it presents the best massage training solution that anyone can easily access. 

Bonamove, exercise equipment inspired by your movements. with Wingbo

Bonamove is an abbreviation for "Born from Nature Move," a brand born from essential human movements.

Optimal balance angle for activating core muscle strength

A strong and stable core demonstrates improved stamina, balance maintenance, enhanced control and effective exercise performance in proper posture.

3 types of exclusive accessories 

With a convenient hook mechanism, you can easily interchange and use the three types of accessories, enabling versatile exercises.

World's first board-type multi- training machine

Wingbo is the world's first cable multi-training machine. Unlike conventional bulky and heavy exercise equipment, Wingbo is compactand robustly designed, offering the ultimate solution for performing a variety of exercises anywhere, providing the best solution.


• Optimized for strengthening core muscles through ergonomic design

• Utilizes patented T.A.D system

• Sturdy and compact design

• Provides over 200 diverse training solutions

• Equipped with anti-slip and noise-reducing pads

• Offers a range of exercises using three dedicated accessories. 

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